Our Journey

There is an old biblical narrative about an Israelite living in captivity and serving Artaxerxes, King of Persia. He learns that as some of his people have returned to their homeland and to their city,  the walls of the city lay in ruin.  A sign to the surrounding nations that no one cares for the city, literally meaning the people. This everyday servant is grieved, his name is Nehemiah.

Tabernacle Community Church in a teaching series on the work of Nehemiah saw the correlation between this ancient story and the plight of our own city. God’s love for the city, the marginalized sectors and the resilient people dwelling there.  One of the calls on our faith community is to live out the biblical model of the Tsaddiqim of God, a willingness to disadvantage yourself for the advantage of others; it is an incarnational missiology.

After more than a decade of work in community the birth of the organization the Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project (GRNP) culminated to serve as the parent organization of two social enterprises, Building Bridges Professional Services and Rising Grinds Cafe’; as well as to incubate and launch other community initiatives.

Our mission is focused: Sent to join in the work of rebuilding and restoring the city.

Our vision is holistic: To see all people flourish.

GRNP is movement driven, we seek to offer a work where people join in mutual relationships, establish an inclusive view of community, and engage with accountability to each other. We have a passion to gather and train church and business leaders about the intersection of faith, work and economics…..to see all people flourish.