Our Work

Intentionally Collaborative – Promoting and Striving toward social and spiritual transformation in neighborhoods and the city.

Focus Areas:

We have three core work areas, not exclusive of each other but intertwined and interdependent to each other and our vision: Together we rebuild, restore and flourish!

Economic Empowerment – one of our strategic purposes is to serve as the parent organization of two current social enterprises, Building Bridges Professional Services and Rising Grinds Cafe’; as well as to incubate and launch other community initiatives. Affirming  intrinsic dignity and fostering a culture of transformation.

Equipping for Impact – people of good will and good faith often struggle to engage with those different from themselves. GRNP will seek to bring people together, reconciling the broken relationships caused by some of today’s cultural ‘isms’. As well as gather and train church and business leaders about the intersection of faith, work and economics.

Family Life – when whole sectors and communities are marginalized by deeply embedded practices of our society the family suffers most. Severe repercussions of our nations persistent dehumanizing of peoples and classes is felt in all our communities. GRNP will be intentional about the way we seek to rebuild families and their support systems.